The Shipyard

The Ufast shipyard is located on the banks of the river Odet in Quimper, Finistère, on 20 000 m² of land housing various production workshops covering a total surface area of 4000 m². Ufast has developed a wide range of professional boats in the following fields: Defence - Sovereignty - Safety at sea - Servitude - Fishing.


Within the context of state-action-at-sea, Ufast has designed and delivered to France and foreign armed forces, rapid, semi-rigid craft up to 14 metres specifically designed for the fight against Illegal immigration - Trafficking - Fishing surveillance - Special forces missions.

Having gained the trust of the French administrations and international experience in the military naval field, with highly-qualified personnel trained in the Breton crucible of ship building, Ufast Shipyard has established itself in the market for fast boats, maritime surveillance boats and deep-sea patrol boats.

The Ufast shipyard has also been notified twice by the DGA (Direction Générale de l'Armement) for the construction of rapid crafts to protect the main French ports. The first time in 2009 with the construction of 8 Vedettes de Surveillance Maritime et Portuaire (VSMP) for the Maritime Gendarmerie. And the second time in 2018 with the order of 12 Vedettes Protégées de Défense Maritime et Portuaire (VPDMP) for marine riflemen.

For the international market, Ufast has developed a new 33-metre patrol boat, the first of which was delivered in 2013. Since then, eight more units have been delivered or are under construction or ordered.


This vessel, whose hull is made of composite materials, is intended for the State's sovereignty missions in its territorial waters, fisheries surveillance, the fight against drug trafficking and maritime rescue.

The French Gendarmerie Nationale also trusted the Ufast shipyard to build and deliver a dozen UFC 11 type fast coastal surveillance boats.



They are equipped with water jet thrusters to enable the Force to respond as close to the coast as possible and to launch and safely recover its divers.

Ufast’s rapid response, energy and constant search for innovation continuously allows it to develop customized craft, of high reliability and perfectly suited to the highly specific missions for which they are designed, with specifications changing according to the countries, seas and objectives. The company constantly strives to develop its naval architects, designers, project managers, boiler workers, welders, laminators, outfitters, fitters, carpenters, marine carpenters, mechanics and a highly-controlled network of external contractors.


As well as its primary business for rapid intervention craft, Ufast has also placed its know-how at the service of fishing in harsh conditions, such as seabass fishing in the Raz de Sein, with the construction of its highly-reputed Rorcal 90.

UFAST shipyard key dates

May 2018

The DGA notifies the site for the construction and delivery of 12 VPDMPs (armoured - 40+ knots - 15 metres)

February 2014

Ufast wins a contract for 30 boats for Ivory Coast

October 2013

the shipyard gets an order for 6 patrol boats

April 2013

launch of a patrol boat, the largest ever built in the port of Corniguel in Quimper